Review: A Candid Conversation About Usher’s ‘The UR Experience’ Tour


Usher’s latest tour attempts to cram his 20-year career into a two-hour set. Does the R&B vet succeed at creating ‘The UR Experience’?

Taking to the road although having delayed his eighth studio album UR, the longstanding object of infatuation of mid-to-late 20-somethings everywhere opted to primarily rely on his legacy for his latest live offering. Tasked with the feat of keeping things interesting, satisfying well-versed fans and building anticipation for his forthcoming project, Ursher had little to prove, but much to do. But he’s been preparing for this moment since 1994.

‘The UR Experience’ tour rolled through New York City last night (Nov. 8). VIBE News Editor Iyana Robertson and Social Managing Editor Christine Imarenezor headed down to Madison Square Garden to see how Usher would fare.

And then they had the following conversation.

Photo Credit: @TaylorCutFilms