Rihanna Sees More Dollar Signs With New PUMA Deal


Rihanna puma

Rihanna is literally one step away from signing a $1 million-plus contract with PUMA footwear. According to reports, Bad Gal RiRi will be linking up with a team of designers to create a series of trendy sneakers and matching fits.

Rihanna is constantly in the spotlight as an influential style icon in today’s generation, and her daring and chic ensembles pay a key role in her success. Rihanna has been able to join forces with companies like MAC cosmetics and River Island, were she sold a personalized collection of mix & match clothing pieces. With that in mind, “[email protected]” notes that Rihanna was given a $1 million plus contract to prevent her from wearing apparel from rival brands such as Adidas and Nike.

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