‘Selma’ Reiterates Why It’s Important for African Americans to Vote


Ava DuVernay’s is going to reintroduce why it is so important for blacks to vote in America.

DuVernay depicts the civil rights movement that centered around the march from Selma to Montogomery, Alabama all for the equal rights to vote in her upcoming release Selma. The movie follows the heroic moves of Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo) and his relentless fight in 1965 despite the violent obstacles in his way.

The movie is a reiteration to those that don’t see the value in their ability to vote. It chronicles Dr. King’s campaign to get President Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) to sign the Voting Rights Act of 1965. To this day it is one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement.

The trailer alone will get your heart racing as you witness the violence African American’s and supporters of their cause went through to be granted a god given right. Cuba Gooding Jr., Alessandro Nivola, Giovanni Ribisi Common, Carmen Ejogo, Lorraine Toussaint, Tim Roth, and Oprah Winfrey round out this dynamic casts.

Thought the trailer was explosive flip the page if you would be able to pass the literacy test African American’s used to have to be able to vote.