Solange & Son Juelz Turn Up to ‘No Flex Zone’ at Wedding Reception [VIDEO]



It’s official, Solange is a married woman and broke the internet (fully clothed might we add).

While her off-kilter and untraditional wedding festivities enamored the internet for the past 24 hours there’s more slayage from the newly, Mrs. Ferguson, that dropped today. During the wedding reception, Solange and her son Juelz took the dance floor to share an adorable mother-son moment, performing a super cute dance to Rae Sremmurd’s smash hit “No Flex Zone“. And of course being the hip mom that Solange is, she lead the choreographed dance with ease, breaking out in some of our favorite dance moves, but Juelz stole the show with his too cool Nae Nae dance.

Vixens, check out the video below.



Photo Credit: Getty Images