T.I. Talks Performing Opening Night For The Atlanta Hawks


The NFL could take a book from the NBA’s page on handling PR problems. In case you forgot, former Hawks Owen Bruce Levenson stepped down in September after reporting to the NBA about an e-mail which he wrote containing racist remarks. Hawks GM Danny Ferry, who also made racially insulting comments about NBA player Luol Deng, is currently on a leave. However, despite the controversy, not all of the Atlanta has abandoned the franchise.

Hip-hop’s King of the South, Atlanta’s own T.I., is one A-T-L native who’s looking forward to the Hawks future. Recently, we spoke to Tip about his new album Paperwork, Snoop and Iggy’s feud and a few other items in an exclusive sit down interview. But we also talked to T.I. about performing during pre-game, halftime and post-game on Hawks on opening night. Peep what he had to say about the organization and his thoughts on a few NBA players in our game “Trouble Man or nah.”