V Interview: Is America Ready For A Black Captain America?


Are we in a post racial America? No and tragedies like the slayings of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin are reminders of that fact. However, America is leaps and bounds past
the Civil Rights era and president Barack Obama is proof that we live in a time where skin color isn’t the biggest factor when it comes to who the country’s comfortable calling to leadership positions.

Given our real life social climate, the Marvel universe is proving to be progressive too. Old characters like Black Panther will be revisited in coming movies and it was recently announced that Captain America, one of Marvels more recently reprised characters, will now be portrayed in a new series by an African-American character.

Is America ready for a Black Captain America? We spoke to lead writer, Rick Remender about the new Captain America, why this was the time for the change and more in the following interview. To read the full story, click the arrows above.