Watch: Theophilus London Jokingly Says Kanye West Will Make You Become ‘An Alcoholic’


On the topic of creating his current album Vibes, Theophilus London got candid with HotNewHipHop to reveal the project’s inner-workings with executive producer Kanye West, and said that the famed rapper will probably lead you to pick up the bottle after a studio session with him.

“He’s very picky. Anybody that told you they’re working for Kanye you gotta become like an alcoholic or something because man, he’ll drive you crazy,” London said. “Middle of the night he’ll change up the whole album, put the whole album in the garbage, erase it and start a new one. Everybody is like ‘What the fuck?’ But you gotta go with it because it’s his instinct, it’s his project. That’s why I love him, he’s almost like Peter Pan. You do what you want to do. Don’t let these corporate people try to act like they own your talent because they know the business side and you don’t.”

Check out what else the the “Why Even Try” rapper had to say about working on Ye’s forthcoming album, and balancing fashion and music above.