Dwight Howard And A Laker Fan Have A Cordial Conversation


I’m Terrence Watson and I’m a Los Angeles Lakers fan. Normally outside of my circle of friends or fellow basketball twitter cohorts, that wouldn’t matter. But when a PR person text me earlier this week asking if I wanted to interview Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard and I responded ‘yes’ with the devil faced emoji, I had to question myself.

Could I stay objective? Hell, I even told my momma I was talking to him and before I could send a follow up text, she replied ‘Ok now be objective.’ I’d be remiss if I wasn’t honest: it took a little bit of soul searching on this one. But in the end, this is my job. One I take seriously. On top of that, the people at American Express have been great with providing interviews for us here at VIBE and I knew if I ever wanted another one, pressing Dwight all crazy on behalf of the Purple & Gold just wouldn’t be good for business.

So, we talked about Amex’s new digital campaign “Home Court Advantage” (which Howard’s personality is a perfect fit for. Can’t front on that), his career arc and.. well just click the arrows above and read the rest for yourself.