There’s Eye Candy And Then There’s New #PrisonBae Sean Kory


Sean Kory, 29 was arrested Halloween night after he allegedly attacked someone dressed as a Fox News reporter at an annual Santa Cruz parade downtown.

Yet despite an obvious temper, some just can’t seem to get over Kory’s green eyes, long dreadlocks and full lips. Yes, Sean Kory has officially emerged as the new #PrisonBae. According to reports, while at the parade, Kory grabbed the victim’s fake microphone screaming “I hate Fox news!” He then made an obscene gesture with the microphone before attacking the victim with an aluminum tennis racket.

The victim was not injured during the assault, but he called police who chased Kory before getting caught.

Attractive criminals have become an interesting new trend. #PrisonBae founder and pioneer Jeremy Meeks went viral when his unintentional gorgeous mugshot began to float around the Internet . The 30 year old is facing a federal trial for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. However, his striking eyes, perfect cheekbones and full lips were all anyone could talk about.

No word yet on the charges Sean Kory may face, but until then we’re sure folks will continue to sip tea and fan themselves for #PrisonBae number two.

Photo Credit: Contra Costa Times