10 Things You May Not Know About Trina


Trina has her own mobile app.

“It’s the Trina app. It lets the fans know what are you doing. You have concerts, you have clothing lines, whatever. A TV show. A song is out. An album is out. A video is out. It’s like a day in the life of you for mobile. You download it on your phone, it’s on iTunes right now, and they can always click on it to see what’s going on with you. That’s different. Even though we have Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and websites, sometimes we don’t sit and go on them. On your phone, you’re right there. Everybody in this world is constantly on their phone 24 hours a day. You’re stuck in this phone, so I think with this, it gives the fans a chance to feel like they’re involved and connected and see you all the time.”