10 Things You May Not Know About Trina

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“That’s a big one. We’re in talks with a TV show. I love television. I’m not exactly sure what the show is gonna be. It’s based around me. It’s my life. My life is one that’s not so publicized with the exception of music or videos or interviews. The personal side of it, you don’t really see. I’m really private when it comes to that. But with music and transitioning from being under a label for so long and branching out with my own label Rock Starr Music Group and being the CEO of that and bringing in artists, it made me become the extraordinaire of what I’m doing. To show the different aspects, to show the downside, the one you don’t get to see if you came to the concert or if you listen to a record. It’s the domestic, submissive side. The side that’s at home and cooking and having girl talk. Because outside of music and when I’m performing and doing interviews and all this stuff, I do regular stuff. Go shopping, go to the spa, have fun with my friends, drink champagne, wine and have girl talk, laugh, cry, argue, take trips. Relaxing stuff, party, have fun, see my nieces and nephews and do the regular life.”