14 Lines To Text (After Dark) From Omarion’s ‘Sex Playlist’


Omarion is no rookie in the bedroom. At least that’s what he wants all the ladies to think on his latest effort Sex Playlist. A hodge podge of slow jams made to lure a PYT into the sheets and the shower (with the exception of the Rick Ross-assisted “Bo$$” and the bouncy, DJ Mustard-produced hit “Post To Be” featuring Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko), the 13-song offering soundtracks the romp from foreplay to finish. Here are the steamiest one-liners to get your body party started, courtesy of O, on Twitter below.

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“Girl you don’t have to say shit, girl you know why I play this”—“Sex Playlist”

“If your chick come close to me, she ain’t going home when she post to be”—“Post To Be”

“Sun goes down but you turn into a freak”—“Show Me”

“You got the power ‘long as you got me inside”—“Inside”

“Girl, when your eyes are closed, my love will help you see”—“Inside”

“Out of all of these girls in this club, you’re the only one that I wanna fuck”—“The Only One”