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Who Ran The World? A 2014 Joint Tour Ranking

No shade to World Star, but Ticketmaster had the most clickbait this year. 2014 was the year to cash in on joint ventures for some of Billboard’s highest-charting entities. Beyoncé and Jay Z performed musical matrimony on their “On The Run” tour while pop power duo Eminem and Rihanna brought their “Monster” outing nationwide. Drake and Lil Wayne even duked it out in a lyrical showdown on the “Drake Vs. Lil’ Wayne” show but which road trip was worth the deposit? See the verdict on each tour tandem below.

3. Eminem and Rihanna’s “Monster” tour

First Take: VIBE wrote: “Psychological fancies aside, the two are highly capable of making crowds lose their minds. Starting with the Unapologetic cut “Numb”, where Marshall Mathers emerges in a straight jacket, the overall theme for the show was saluting those who are, in Em’s words, “fucked up mentally.” No illegal substance required. Motor City’s golden child’s rap gymnastics are a marvel to see, especially when he spits the Marshall Mathers LP 2 lead single “Rap God” live. Miss him with the grandiose stage set or flashy chains, all Mr. Mathers needs is a mic, his hype man Mr. Porter, and DJ, Alchemist. There was no need to have Rih gyrate on him during their performances together, either. Believe that when he loses himself in the moment, he owns it.”

Second Opinion: VH1 wrote: “We’ll admit it: we were a little skeptical when The Monster Tour was first announced. Sure, Eminem and Rihanna made passionate musical fire on 2010?s “Love The Way You Lie” and last year’s “The Monster.” But did they have enough in common to sustain a full collaborative tour? Slim Shady’s aggressively animated raps and Riri’s coolly detached pop/R&B club hits just didn’t seem very cohesive on paper. Yet once they took to the stage at New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium on Saturday, the combination sparked middle finger-raising magic as fans rocked to a monster sized 50-song set list. The pair had the crowd in awe as they stormed out amid a firework frenzy, starting the evening off with an adrenaline high that most acts reserve for their finale. Could they keep that level of energy for an entire set? As they kicked into Rihanna’s “Numb” and Eminem’s “Won’t Back Down,” all doubts went out the window.”

The Verdict: Shady and Rihrih’s chemistry is flames but the fanbase doesn’t overlap as much as the other two tours on this list. You’re either a head-thrashing Em Stan with some mental imbalance or a bad gal (or guy) who’s turnt on life. Not to dismiss their hits on hits on hits, the Eminem and Rihanna Show will satisfy any breed of music junkie.

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