The 57 Best Lines From Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Pinkprint’ To Use As Status Updates

Nicki Minaj has become the Floyd Mayweather of rap. The undefeated, female champ of bars has fistfuls of punch lines that are silly yet clever, and you can’t duck ‘em. She even said so herself, “Mayweather with the jab like Dun-d-d-dun-dun-d-d-dun-dun” (See: “Anaconda”). But for her third studio offering The Pinkprint, Nicki straps on her lyrical black belt and lucky for us, delivers her best lines for the taking. Flip through Onika’s hard-hitting rhymes below.

Let me make this clear, I’m not difficult, I’m just ’bout my business

I’m not into fake industry parties, and fake agendas

Even though I said fuck you, I lied

Here we go again, it’s the game we love

Got a bow on my panties because my ass is a present

If you wanna get the job, you better know who’s the boss

Dinner with my man on a G5 is my idea of an update

These hoes couldn’t test me even if their name was Pop Quiz

My story is how I went from “poor me” to “please pour me a drink and celebrate with me” (Lil’ Wayne)

I’m with some hood girls lookin’ back at it and a good girl in my tax bracket

I’m feelin’ myself

I stop the world

Kitty on pink, pretty on fleek

Pretty gang, always keep them niggas on geek

Cause we dope girls, we flawless. We the poster girls for all this

Photo Credits: Instagram