Action Bronson Attempts To Apologize To Azealia Banks, Doesn’t Go So Well


Azealia Banks’ Twitter has been quite eventful lately. Between interviews, spats with Iggy Azalea (that prompted responses from T.I. Q-Tip, Solange and Lupe Fiasco) and word exchanges with Action Bronson, the Harlem rapstress has been putting her 140 characters to controversial use. But one of her opponents has apparently attempted to make amends. Bronson, who went tweet-for-tweet with Banks after getting caught up in her clash with Iggy, reached out to a mutual friend to deliver an apology. Noting that their argument was public, Banks took to Twitter to call Bronson a “coward” for not apologizing in the same public manner. This of course, led to another exchange between the two. Read Bank’s tweets and Bronson’s replies (which have since been deleted) below: