Al Sharpton Slams Sony Over Racist Emails


As the tea keeps spilling from Sony’s hacked emails, the drama continues to unfold.

The latest string of emails revealed by the Sony Hackers held some racist tones and commentary among song execs regarding actors and other powerful industry names. Among those mentioned were Kevin Hart, Denzel Washington, and President Obama.

And as expected, Al Sharpton comes to the defense of those attacked via email. He’s demanding action be taken among the Sony execs who made the remarks. Sharpton is calling for civil rights groups and activists to hold Sony accountable for their actions by signing petitions. He also suggests holding discussions between civil rights organizations and the Sony industry.

If Sony doesn’t get their act together, Sharpton is calling for a boycott of all things Sony by the black consumers. Though Sharpton says that Sony has taken heed to his requests and agreed to meet with the National Action Network, NAACP, and other civil rights groups, he looks forward to collaborating with the movie with talks to diversify.

“What is most troubling about these statements is that they reflect a continued lack of diversity in positions of power in major Hollywood studios,” Sharpton said in a press conference (via Business Insider). “The statements clearly show how comfortable major studio powers are with racial language and marginalization. Her apology is not enough there must be moves by her studio and others to respect the African American community and reflect that respect in their hiring and business practices.”

While some say that the remarks made by Sony were a bit insensitive, others are saying that Sharpton’s demands are little bit extreme.

What are your thoughts Vixens?

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