Gentlemen’s Corner: Alvester Martin Talks Dancing With Beyonce and Upcoming Album


2015 is multitalented singer and dancer Alvester Martin’s year, we’re claiming it.

The heartthrob and ultimate man candy has carried the title of backup dancer to some of the fiercest ladies in the entertainment world, and is now making a name for himself as the main act. Move over Beyonce, Mariah, and Rihanna because Martin has inked a deal with Universal Music Group and is looking to carve out a lane all of his own with his upcoming debut album entitled Love Me or Leave Me, which is slated for release during the second quarter of 2015.

Vixens, check out our session of Gentleman’s Corner with Alvester as he dishes on working with Beyonce, fulfilling life long dreams, and his upcoming album Love Me or Leave Me below:

Vibe Vixen: Where did your love for singing and dance come from?

Alvester Martin: In all true honesty, not to sound like a lot of artists, but I wanted to be like Michael [Jackson] when I was a little kid. I grew up with my grandparents in South Florida with my aunts and uncles so I was the only little kid in the house, and even though most of Michael’s videos were old they were still played a lot in my house. I remember seeing “Billy Jean” and trying to do the moonwalk into the spin, and I ended u[ breaking my leg right above the growth plate. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to walk [laughs] and grow too much. So for those people reading this I’m six feet tall today in case you were wondering [laughs].

You started your career as a dancer, but have always been very vocal about having a passion for music as well. How did you incorporate the two at a young age?

I always wanted to sing. I would always tell my parents I wanted to be a rock star that was my thing. I started dancing first because my grandma had an affinity for the tap dancer Gregory Hines so I started tap at five years old and then of course you have to take everything else like ballet and jazz. I was also in the church choir from a little kid until about the time I was a teenager so singing was always number one for me.

Photo Credit(s):, Getty Images