Gentlemen’s Corner: Alvester Martin Talks Dancing With Beyonce and Upcoming Album


VV: Unlike most kids you had a jumpstart on your future because you knew what you were passionate about. How did you take your hobby of dance to the next level?

AM: I’ve never told anybody this but I went to a performing arts school, New World School of Arts in Miami, which is probably one of the best schools in the country and the only reason I got in was because I was an African American young man. I filled the quota that year and I could tap.  I got in on a tap solo and everybody else was like ballet and other disciplines and was really good.  So I got in and I was the worst person in my class. But for me whenever I face adversity like that I’m like “Okay, can’t nobody tell me nothing,” I’m real stubborn and stuck in my ways sometimes so it forces me to work harder. By the end of the year I was one of the top students and became a professional ballet dancer. From there I  trained in New York at the School of American Ballet and went on to have a professional career for a little bit.

How did people around you and in your community take to you pursuing dance? While it was accepted at your performing arts school did you receive push back from others who couldn’t fully grasp the discipline of ballet?

It was one of those things where growing up being concentrated on ballet where I was from in Miami, which is an all black area, was frowned upon. It wasn’t cool for me to be walking around in tights, but the athleticism of it made me respect it even more. I even had other people doubt me and say I couldn’t do it so anytime anyone doubts me it makes me go even harder. So I accomplished that goal and ultimately became obsessed with it. It was a moment for me where I could celebrate the fact that I finally conquered something.

While you went on to professionally dance ballet did you decide to just put singing on hold and chase that one goal of dance or did you make up in your mind that dance would be the end all be all?

I did ballet but in my down time I was in and out of the recording studio all the time. I paid for all my studio time with the money I made from ballet and networked with individuals in the business.  To be quite honest, I never thought I would be a dancer– never, ever, ever. I wasn’t even that good, in my eyes at least. But once I reached that point where I felt I was mentally fulfilled from ballet  I decided to focus on singing more.