Gentlemen’s Corner: Alvester Martin Talks Dancing With Beyonce and Upcoming Album

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

VV: What did you focusing on music entail? Did you have to give up some things to allow yourself that space to create?

AM: My girlfriend at the time wanted to be a dancer and move to L.A., and I was like well I’m not going to stop you from doing you because I’ve done everything I set out do in dance. So I pawned my saxophone and moved to L.A with her in a tiny one-room studio and the grind started from there. I decided to get a 9 to 5 at FedEx to pay the bills as well as pay for studio time. My homeboy that danced for Britney [Spears] at the time was telling me I should do extra work on set and I said no being narrow-minded and stubborn. He ended up calling his agent and the agent signed me based on my friend’s word and my commercial look, and within that week I had an audition for Beyonce. It was like 500 guys and I went in there knowing nothing about hip-hop dance so I was nervous, but I went in there and did me and I booked it. Because of that moment ten years ago and my audacity to dream big my life changed.

What was the project that you ended up booking for Beyonce?

That was the year in between Dangerously in Love and Destiny Fulfilled so I did all live performances, tours, etc. From there that started the ten year long working relationship with Beyonce. That was my beginning. I couldn’t believe it. Just for the record, I didn’t even really have a place to stay because at this time it’s money involved, me and my girl are going through problems, and I remember doing a show with her [Beyonce] and I couldn’t even buy anything to eat because I was waiting on a check to come in– you know how those entertainment checks are. Even when I had to fill out the paper work for where they wanted me to send my check I really had no place to so it was a struggle. A beautiful struggle if you will.

How was it working with Beyonce and what did you take away from such a strong, well respected individual in the industry?

I was at a performing arts high school and a girl asked me “Did you go to college?” and I almost said no, but then I said you know what I did. I personally feel like I went to my own college because I worked with people like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, JLo and Tamar, and they were like professors to me in a sense. If I would have gotten a deal when I first wanted it all those years ago I would not know anything that I know today. I would have crashed and burned. I learned so much, specifically from her [Beyoncé] because my introduction to the entertainment industry was in that camp. We could sit here for like three hours if I told you all the great things that I took from that opportunity.

Okay, well we’ve only got about 30 minutes so if there is one thing you took away that you will forever cherish what would it be?

Be about your craft. Fame comes and goes, and sensationalism in the day and age we live in now lasts for about 24 hours and then we’re on to the next story the next day. Talent stays around forever because that’s one thing no one can take away from you. People can say what they want, it can be this story or millions of rumors about you, but at the end of the day if you get on that stage and you kill it and you’re about your craft and you’re 100% that shuts everybody up. If you think about it the greatest entertainers ever: Michael, Beyonce, Prince, Tina Turner, they had that true, raw talent.