Gentlemen’s Corner: Alvester Martin Talks Dancing With Beyonce and Upcoming Album


VV: You said that you didn’t think you were a good dancer did this change with the affirmation of Beyonce?

AM: Yeah but I didn’t even know I was good at it [dancing]. When I see somebody else that I think is exceptional at something or great at something even if we’re not friends or I don’t like your character I never hate. I always study people that I think are good. One of homeboy’s who is still a friend of mine ‘til this day, I watched him because he was good and he was what she [Beyonce] liked. I took from this person and that person and created what I am today. I think now I can say yeah that was good and I was good at it [dancing], but at the time I wasn’t thinking like that. I was just a kid trying not to be the weakest link.

While you harbored this sort of self doubt what kept you going inside mentally?

I tell everyone to do you because it’s hard for us to do growing up because we get picked on, we get hated on, and so many other things and even as adults it’s hard because you never know what situation you’re in that you may face adversity. But you have to stay true to who you are because regardless of what anyone says people are going to talk.