Gentlemen’s Corner: Alvester Martin Talks Dancing With Beyonce and Upcoming Album

alvestermartin 1

VV: So since then you’ve concluded your dancing career on a high note and devoted your time solely to molding music career with Universal Music Group. What can people look forward to from your music sound wise?

AM: I listen to a lot of stuff. In my grandparents home I grew up on R&B, the Marvin Gaye’s and Donny Hathaway’s and all of the greats, but as I was growing up and coming into my own I was listening to Usher and Boyz II Men and of course I’m not ashamed to say Beyonce. My manager had me listen to country, a genre I never thought I’d be into, and it’s crazy how the story telling and the melodies aren’t very different from R&B, you know the R&B that really captivates you. To put it simply, good R&B songs can be country songs, and good country songs can be R&B songs if you really, really listen to them. So with that said, if you took John Mayer and Adele and combined it with Usher and Justin Timberlake, my sound falls into that realm. Not saying that I’m trying to sound like anybody, but my music has something for everybody. It’s blended but most importantly it’s cohesive.

What do you think of the current state of R&B?  You’ve now got artists like Chris Brown and Trey Songz creating music that’s a departure from traditional R&B and are incorporating elements of hip-hop and EDM, what are your thoughts?

I respect all of them in the industry because it’s hard to get from a to b, and I can only hope to have the careers they’ve had because they’ve been around for more than five years– that’s a luxury in itself. I personally like melodies and like to sing, I’m not a great talk-singer. I can do it of course but I don’t think it’s something I’m great at and would differentiate me as an artist. But I’m feeling all of the guys. I have Trey’s new album and I love it. I’m about everybody winning. If it’s true and aesthetic to them and what their experiencing then I’m 100% with it. There’s music for everyone and music always changes so you can’t judge anyone too much. Music comes in waves.