Andre 3000’s Jumpsuits Make For Great Statuses, Tweets And Captions


Andre 3000 was a bit of a walking art exhibit this summer, so it’s no wonder the jumpsuits he sported on his Outkast tour have landed at Art Basel Miami Beach. In an actual exhibit, titled “i feel ya: SCAD + André 3000 Benjamin,” all 47 of the rapper’s sometimes straightforward, sometimes cryptic jumpsuits will be on display until Dec. 7. Ranging from poignant puns like “which type of stereo are you,” to assertions such as “big girls are beautiful to me, Three Stacks’ fashion statement make for great Facebook statuses, tweets and Instagram captions. Take your pick.

Andre 3000’s “i feel ya” currently showing at The Savannah College of Art and Design Museum’s pop-up at Mana Miami and is accompanied by a film entitled Trumpets. The exhibit will head to SCAD in Savannah, GA next summer.

Flip through a few of the jumpsuits and jot down some statuses above.