What We Know About The Antonio Martin Shooting So Far

Antonio Martin, 18, was fatally shot by a police officer in Berkeley, MO, last night (Dec. 23). Just miles from where the Ferguson shooting of Mike Brown took place, Martin was reportedly gunned down after pointing a handgun at officers, who arrived at a Mobil gas station after responding to a larceny call. The six-year veteran shooting officer’s name has not been released. As details continue to roll in about the events that took place, here is a roundup of everything we know so far in regards to Martin’s killing: According to St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar, Martin “produced a pistol with his arm straight out, pointing it straight at the officer,” who then pulled out his own gun. After attempting to back away, the officer fell, dropped his flashlight and fired at least three shots, one of which police say struck a tire of the patrol car. Officials do not believe Martin fired any shots. [Video via Mediaite]

Video footage of the altercation has been released by the St. Louis Police Department. A second subject was at the scene, but fled. The shooting officer was assigned a body camera, but did not put it on. The patrol car was equipped with a dashboard camera, which police are unsure was activated. [USA Today]

A 9mm handgun was found on the scene. Investigators say is was “defaced,” meaning its serial numbers had been removed. Toni Martin, Martin’s mother, stated that her son did not have a gun, and was just leaving the house to see his girlfriend. [KDSK, The Guardian]

With tensions already high between police and St. Louis residents, a crowd of people gathered at the gas station. “I can see about 50 cop cars, they’re fighting and scuffling, the highway is blocked with cars, people are being arrested,” photographer Bradley Rayford said. Bricks and fireworks were reportedly thrown, Belmar reports that at least four people were arrested this morning. [NBC News] According to his mother, Martin had been expelled from school, but was on track to get his education in order. She had been encouraging him to attend a Job Corps program. Martin’s father, Jerome Green, also commented on his son’s death. “He was supposed to come home. We’re getting ready for holiday; everyone wanted to see him. My grandmother hadn’t seen him for a while.” [CNN]

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