Another One? Black Teen, Antonio Martin, Gunned Down Two Miles from Ferguson


A black teen was shot and killed by an officer on Tuesday night just two miles from Ferguson, Missouri, according to police. Antonio Martin, 18, was fatally wounded at a Mobil gas station in Berkeley, Missouri, after police say he pointed a gun at the officer.

The St. Louis County Police released some video footage Wednesday from the gas station’s security cameras of the police officer arriving on the scene and the movements leading up to the shooting.

According to the police chief Joe Belmar, the officer who used lethal force on Martin had been in ‘imminent danger’ and used ‘what he felt was appropriate force.’ The cop was assigned a body camera and a camera was mounted on the police car, but neither was recording at the time. Shocker.

The officer—who has only been identified 34-year-old white male, who has been on the force for six years—fired around three shots. At least one of the shots hit Antonio Martin and another hit the front tire of his vehicle. As the officer shot, he stumbled backwards and fell, however Martin didn’t discharge the gun he was allegedly pointing.