Ashanti Was Cross-Examined In Court By Her Own Stalker

A man who was convicted of stalking Ashanti back in 2009 is at it again. After serving two years in jail, 36-year-old Devar Hurd is back in court for the same offense. Acting as his own attorney, Hurd came face-to-face with the singer in court yesterday (Dec. 16) to cross-examine her.

“Wassup Shani… everything good?” Hurd said, according to the New York Daily News. “How’s Army Wives going? Are you still acting on that show?”

Hurd reportedly attempted to ask questions unrelated to the case. Since his released from jail in 2012, he had been tweeting the singer lewd sexual comments and sending her text messages. Ashanti’s family slapped Hurd with an order of protection, which they now say he has violated.

A few days before their encounter, Hurd tweeted “@ashanti I know how emotional you are when it comes to our sex life… us f—in is very emotional on both ends…” After his questioning, the singer on their encounter.

“I was extremely scared and nervous, she said. “I had no idea what he was capable of. I felt unsafe. I heard that sometimes when a person gets rejected, the emotion turns into dangerous feelings, dangerous actions.”

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Hurd also questioned Ashanti’s mother and her sister, Kenashia Douglas, who unbeknownst to her, took a photo with the convicted stalker at a charity event. She told him that though he seemed unthreatening in person, his messages put forth otherwise.

“In person you seem like, you know, a very nice guy,” she said. “You come off that way. But when you go home… you begin to tweet things that are inappropriate, talking about my body and the things you want to do to me that makes me feel unsafe.”

Hurd is contesting that his tweets to Ashanti are only a few amongst many others she receives, and that the singer could block him if she was not happy with them.

“I never engaged in any course of conduct directed at her with the intent to harass, annoy and scare her,” he said.

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