Judge Declares Mistrial In Ashanti’s Stalker Case

Judge Declares Mistrial In Ashanti's Stalker Case

Looks as if Ashanti’s holiday is not going particularly as planned. Just last week Ashanti’s stalker and the singer came face to face in a New York court room.  As much as Ashanti probably would love this case to be over, a sick juror is to thank for the judge’s decision to declare a mistrial this month. The juror’s illness interrupted deliberations for more than 24 hours, causing the case to be completely thrown off.

According to the Daily News, the alleged stalker, Devar Hurd, was charged with stalking, criminal contempt and harassment for sending raunchy tweets to the singer and her sister, Kenashia Douglas, against strict orders of protection put in place after his 2009 conviction for the same behavior.

The remaining jurors said they were only an hour away from convicting Devar Hurd before it was declared a mistrial. “We were an hour away” from a verdict, a male juror told the Daily News. “It’s not like he said it didn’t happen. Everything was black and white. It was all there.”

The singer will likely have to reappear again in court to testify against this man who seems to be utterly obsessed with her and her family. Not something you want to have to think about as you end the year.

Stay tuned for more details on this case.

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