Read An Excerpt From The Book Azealia Banks Has Been Writing

Amidst the controversy surrounding her name, Azealia Banks also seems to be an artist of many talents. Tapping into another side of her creative abilities, the Harlem rapstress’ Broke With Expensive Taste actually serves as the soundtrack to a fable she has written. A chapter entitled “Idle Delilah,” after one of the album’s tracks, tells the story of a slave master’s inquisitive daughter, the fable is set in the antebellum South. Complete with 16 chapters, an introduction and a prelude, Banks clarified via Twitter that the story is not entirely about slavery:

Read an excerpt from “Idle Delilah” below.

Maisley was one of the Lynch family’s eldest and wisest servants, and spent her life raising several generations of Lynch children, including Delilah’s father. Much to Maisley’s surprise, as repayment for her years of loyalty and care, her own son would lose his life to one of the children she spent her lifetime caring for. When Delilah’s father was just becoming a man, barely old enough to herd cattle or control his own horse, he beat and murdered Maisley’s son for accidentally tipping and spilling a bail of cotton. It had been 23 years since Maisley gathered her son’s body from the bottom of the Artubus tree, or spoke her last word. Nowadays, she sat quietly, responding gently to requests made of her, and watching little Delilah when Mrs. Lynch was away from the plantation, or otherwise occupied.

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