Here’s How Azealia Banks Reacted To T.I.’s Latest Defense Of Iggy Azalea

After Q-Tip gave his Grand Hustle first lady a hip-hop history lesson for the books, T.I. took to Twitter in Iggy Azalea’s defense. Remarking that “much less qualified white people” have manipulated the culture for their own gain, T.I. suggested that Iggy “merely wishes to contribute” to it. And of course, Azealia Banks chimed in with a reply of her own Writing that his response to Q-Tip “reeked of thesaurus and bamboozlement,” Banks went on to state that T.I. is “indoctrinated and conditioned.” She also entertained the idea of not “teasing” him anymore. Read Azealia Banks’ full reaction to T.I. below: