Beanie Sigel’s Sister-In-Law Named As Person Of Interest In Shooting

While Beanie Sigel remains intubated following his Dec. 5 shooting, police are searching for suspects involved in the incident. One person of interest that has been named by authorities is Kamilah Salahuddin, the rapper’s sister-in-law, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Salahuddin is the sister to Umar Salahuddin, Sigel’s brother-in-law who was found injured along with the rapper. Her vehicle, a gray Honda Odyssey, was seen fleeing the scene of the shooting. Another person involved in the incident, Ricky Childress, exited the vehicle and ran from police, after which he was apprehended. The Odyssey however, got away, and was found in another area later that night.

Childress was questioned by police and released. Authorities were not able to get in contact with Kamilah Salahuddin. As Sigel remains unable to offer a statement on the incident. Police captain Rocky Melendez said that police have not gotten any solid leads.

“Right now, the detective doesn’t have much to go on,” he said. “The detectives have brought a lot of people in for questioning, but unfortunately no one’s talking.”