Ear Drummers: The 15 Best Beats That Owned 2014


2015 is nearly upon us and that means there’s another 12 months of endless rap songs you’re more than likely to forget after 24 hours on the horizon. Okay, maybe that’s a little too pessimistic for the holiday season, so let’s reflect on all the noteworthy hip-hop moments of the last 365 days.

Already, VIBE picked the 96 Most Repeat-Worthy Songs Of 2014 and reminded you of 46 Albums From 2014 That Are Actually Worth Your Money. But what jams made us move this year? Which groupings of synths, snares and 808s shook the dancefloors? Actually, scratch all of that… which beats owned 2014?

There’s a few key factors that helped us narrow down the 15 most memorable beats of the year. From a technical standpoint, we weren’t looking for the most sonically advanced and the most obscure samples from die hard crate diggers. No shade to the rap purists, but this list belongs to the songs that made us dance, laugh, love and celebrate life just for the sake of loving hip-hop.

We present VIBE’s 15 Best Beats That Owned 2014.

Artist: Drake

Producer: Boi-1da, Noah “40? Shebib and Ninteen85

Why: Drizzy’s hometown production crew laced him with a neck breaking, ’90s flavored production. Sounding more like something off an old Wu-Tang album, this loop helped set the summer off right.