Whoopi Goldberg Plays Devil’s Advocate As Beverly Johnson Recalls Alleged Drugging

Legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson stopped by The View Monday (December 15) to detail her claims she was drugged by comedic legend, Bill Cosby.

Johnson is latest–and most famous–woman to come forward in mounting sexual-assault allegations against the 77-year-old comedic legend. Johnson made headlines when she penned a first-person essay detailing being allegedly drugged by Cosby at his home in the 80s while auditioning for a role on The Cosby Show.

Goldberg, who has publicly said she isn’t going to rush to judge Cosby, played Devil’s advocate and questioned Johnson on the details of her alleged experience.

After the commercial break, the Academy-Award winner continued to ask Johnson questions including if she was raped, was she concerned about the type of drug she digested and if she did confirm with her doorman what happened and how she got home.

Some might view the line of questioning as good journalism, others, not so much.

What say you?