Who Did It Better? These Beyonce ‘7/11’ Remakes Win The Internet

Two things: one, it was only a matter of time, and two, we’re kind of sad we didn’t do it too. Beyonce’s “7/11” video is three-and-a-half minutes of unadulterated fun, so naturally the masses were bound to create their own versions. Taking to their cameras in Queen Bey’s likeness, the Internet has already given us two remakes worth noting. While snowed in this Thanksgiving, a group of five guys decided that making their own “7/11” video was a good way to kill time – and they were right. Mimicking all of the best moments in Beyonce’s homemade visuals, the guys “show it sideways” and “smack it in the air,” featuring red cups, underwear twerking, blow dryers and real-life kale. They go by “Boyonce.” SEE ALSO: Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ Video Is Even Better In GIFs, Here’s Proof The second ode to “7/11” comes from a five-year-old. Actress/entertainer/Instagram personality Cece’s 603,000 followers got a 15-second treat as she channeled Queen Bey, blonde wig included. Her and her girls even reenacted the pyramid. A shorter tribute, but no less amazing. Watch two Beyonce “7/11” remakes above and below, and tell us who did it better.

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