The BIG List: 46 Albums From 2014 That Are Actually Worth Your Money


So 2014 is a wrap. Yeah, there’s still 29 precious days left in the year, but it’s basically a done deal, kid. No time to redeem that New Year’s resolution you made, like, 11 months ago and forgot five days later. School and (if you’re lucky) work are shutting down in a few weeks. Let 2014 go, dawg, it’s over. On to the next one.

But before your calendar somersaults, take a minute to reflect with us. Some great albums came out this year. Riff Raff, too. But nevermind that. We were all gifted some dope LPs in the past 12 months. Prince dropped two albums this year, y’all. Prince!

Now that we’ve mentioned the Purple One, we’re feeling nostalgic. So let’s take it back to the top. The dopest albums of the year. Forty-six of them. Don’t be alarmed by the 2013 inclusions, we’re picking up where we left off last year. Retail projects released between December 1, 2013 – November 30, 2014 are eligible. Riff Raff is not. Because standards.

Take a look at VIBE’s 46 LPs that dropped in the past 12 months that were worth your hard-earned or totally swindled cash knot. —John Kennedy

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