LAPD Opens Investigation Of Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Claim

One of Bill Cosby’s latest accusers – Judy Huth, who claims the comedian forced her to perform a sexual act at age 15 – has been granted an investigation by the LAPD. Yesterday, (Dec. 5), a Los Angeles police officer confirmed that the department was looking into the incident she claims occurred in 1974, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Huth claims that Cosby fed her and a friend beer at a tennis club, instructing them to drink each time he won a game. She alleged that the comedian then took them to the Playboy mansion, where he forced her to perform a sexual act on him. Now, she is suing him for sexual assault, to which Cosby is filing a counterclaim, accusing Huth of extortion. He claims she attempted to demand $250,000 to keep from going public.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is encouraging any potential Cosby victims to speak with authorities. Huth has met with two special victims unit detectives.

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