This Photo Of Blac Chyna Is Not What You Think

More eyes seem to have been on Blac Chyna lately, for a number of reasons. Primarily known as Tyga’s ex and the mother of his son, the ex-stripper was involved in tensions between the former Young Money rapper and Drake back in November. In between breaking up and making up with Tyga, Chyna has also befriended the likes of Kim Kardashian, and most recently Amber Rose (whom she twerks with from time to time). Now, Blac Chyna has caused speculation with an Instagram photo of her kissing a “mystery man.” Only, the man isn’t a mystery, he’s Amber Rose’s personal assistant, Benji. Also posting the kissy picture to his own profile, Benji is described by Amber as her “right hand cunt.” Doesn’t seem like a love connection here, boys and girls.

My right hand cunt @thatsbenji and Muva #PeopleMagazineAwards

Une photo publiée par Amber Rose (@amberrose) le

Peep more photos of Benji below:

fuck me with your tongue til you lick my heart

A photo posted by @thatsbenji on

Elegangsta | Hair provided by @kendrasboutique

A photo posted by @thatsbenji on

A photo posted by @thatsbenji on

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