Bobby Shmurda And GS9 Members Reportedly Arrested In NYC

Bobby Shmurda has been arrested, again.

The new Epic Records signee was reportedly apprehended by NYPD this morning (Dec. 17) at Quad Studios near New York City’s Times Square. Police also allegedly seized numerous weapons from the rapper and his GS9 squad. Epic executive Sha Money XL was also taken into police custody, according to Karen Civil.

Back in October, Bobby was arrested for marijuana possession and released a day later. He was also apprehended by police for gun possession in June. This marks his third arrest in six months.

According to Wondering Sound, the rapper has been indicted on undisclosed charges, which will be unsealed tomorrow (Dec. 18) at arraignment. Kati Cornell, director of public information in the office of the city’s special narcotics prosecutor, said that the arrests were made after a “long-term investigation.”

“These arrests were the result of a long-term investigation,” she said. “My office has a sealed indictment against a number of individuals. The investigation did involve a number of violent incidents as well as narcotics trafficking.”

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