Everything’s Purple: Cam’ron’s ‘Purple Haze’ Album 10 Years Later


10 years is the equivalent to several lifetimes when it comes to rappers. To sustain a career that thrives for over a decade is no easy feat for any artist — in any genre for that matter. For Harlem’s Killa Cam aka Cam’ron, his relevancy in rap surpasses the majority of his peers that started out in his freshmen class.

Cam first got his start as a member of the rap group Children of the Corn with the likes of Ma$e and Big L in the mid ’90s. But, 6 official solo albums, countless Dipset mixtapes, numerous side projects and a stable of high profile collaborations later — and Cam is still churning out music, movies, and hilarious moments via social media in 2014. Today, we look back at one his most under promoted, yet critically acclaimed albums, Purple Haze, on its 10 year anniversary. From the albums best & worst songs, its unique production and the lifestyle that Cam was living a the time, VIBE reminisces on it all.

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