Cardboard Cutouts Of Blacks Hanging By Nooses Found On UC Berkeley Campus

In the midst of various protests taking place across the nation against police brutality yesterday (Dec. 13), a disturbing image was found at University of California’s Berkeley campus. Three cardboard cutouts of black people, one woman and two men, were found hanging by nooses in “prominent locations,” according to the Associated Press.

SEE ALSO: Tens Of Thousands Flock To D.C. And New York To Protest Police Brutality Marked with names of victims and the dates of their deaths that go back as early as 1889, at least one cutout featured the “I Can’t Breathe” mantra that was employed by protesters in the wake of Eric Garner’s death. Spokeswoman for UC Berkeley, Claire Holmes stated that authorities are trying to pin down the person responsible for the display, which appear to be connected to protests that took place on campus. “We’re uncertain of the intention of this. It could be related to the protests, but it could be racially motivated,” Holmes told the NY Daily News. “We’d like to get to the bottom of it.” “We just hope it’s someone who wanted to bring attention to the issue,” Spencer Pritchard, 21, a UC Berkeley student and an organizer of the demonstration. Authorities have not identified a suspect in the hanging of the images.

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