Relationship ‘Expert’ Cheyenne Bostock Gives Dangerous Advice on Dealing With Stalkers

The age of social media brings forth the ability for some to voice their opinions on a platform that’s able to reach thousands. This can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on content.

Case and point, Cheyenne Bostock, a “relationship expert” gives his advice to over 75 thousand Twitter followers and to those who purchase his self-help books.

While Bostock is known to have some controversial ideas his latest opinion sparked major backlash. This past Monday (Dec 29), he tweeted, “Pssst hey ladies! He wouldn’t be stalking you if you would acknowledge him. No sympathy for women who ignore men and expect them to go away.”

Soon after, Bostock found himself at the center of  dialogue about domestic abuse and victim shaming. It hits especially close to home considering the recent murder of Dallas woman Deanna Cook by her stalker ex-husband.

Cook had been calling 911 and authorities for months prior to her death, hoping for action to be taken, saying “He’s already tried to kill me three times. I’m really just fed up with this. I can’t keep moving and changing my life because of this.” In the 911 tape from her call just before her death, Cook could be heard saying, “I have a stalker” and pleading with her killer before the line goes silent.

We wonder what relationship expert, Cheyenne Bostock, has to say about this. Is she to blame for her death because she didn’t acknowledge her stalker ex?

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