Chingy Thanks Chris Brown For Bringing ‘Right Thurr’ Back To Life

Chris Brown’s epic #ChristmasChallenge brought more than a few laughs to Instagram users this holiday. While some may have been recovering from frantic shopping, a big meal and the last bit of spiked eggnog, Breezy was krumping to Chingy’s 2003 hit “Right Thurr.” And since the song hadn’t been in heavy rotation in years, it should be no surprise that the St. Louis rapper was elated. Taking to Instagram (in a post that has since been deleted), Chingy thanked Brown for giving his jam a new jolt of life: Stating that he “changed the way the world talk,” Chingy took ownership of the St. Louis pronunciation of the words “there” and “here.” A few Twitter users clowned his post, which may have been why he deleted it:

But a win is a win, right? Or nah?