Chris Brown Apologizes To Karrueche, Says He Feels ‘Hella Wack’


After a weekend of hurling insults at his ex-girlfriend Karrueche, Chris Brown has now decided to apologize. Stating that “I love hard and react impulsively when I’m hurt at times,” Breezy wrote that he feels “hella wack” for the unfortunate messy nature of his latest breakup with the model.

On Friday night, the singer revealed his split from Karrueche on stage in L.A. by proclaiming “I’m single too, fuck that bitch.” Just one day later on Instagram, he accused her of having threesomes with him and going on dates with Drake. And now that the Web has run amuck with commentary, memes and the like, Breezy offered his apology in the same fashion as his taunts: publicly. He took to Instagram with the following:

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Since his public display of emotions, Karrueche’s Instagram account has been removed. Drake has also failed to offer a response to the claims Brown made.

Show of hands, who thinks CB and Kae will patch things up yet again?