Congressional Staffers Walkout Of Jobs To Show Support For Eric Garner And Michael Brown’s Families

The recent nationwide protests of Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s death have hit Congress in a major way.

Congressional staffers reportedly “walked off” their jobs on Dec. 11, CNN reports, to show support for the families of the aforementioned police brutality victims. The grand jury’s decision to not indict those officers in both cases ignited a new conversation on race in America and in the eyes of the justice system, which has now arrived on Capitol Hill’s front steps.

One staffer who assisted in planning the protest said, “We’re proud to have this moment of solidarity with the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and the thousands of peaceful protesters around the country who are telling this country that black lives matter.”

The government officials stated that their actions are not to warrant any type of controversy but, “we’re just trying to highlight this issue, to show solidarity with people who have been affected.”

Photo Credit: thedailybeast