Want to Know What It’s Like to be White in America? Read #CrimingWhileWhite

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Ever wondered what it was like to be white in America? Read #CrimingWhileWhite.

If for some crazy reason you thought there was no such thing as “white privilege” or that racism didn’t exist, you were quickly reminded in 140 character or less. After Eric Garner’s killer, police officer Daniel Pantaleo, wasn’t indicted in the choke hold death of the NYC father, many white Twitter users decided to explain to Black Twitter why they can’t relate to our issues with the police.

Using the hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite, white users spilled out past experience they had with the police. They openly confessed about what happens when the police catch them engaging in illegal activity and all we have to say is, it must be nice.

As you shake your head in disbelief, flip the page to read the most interesting #CrimingWhileWhite tweets and let us know how surprised (if at all) you are to find out the other side lives.

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