Critics Accuse ‘Selma’ Of Being Historically Inaccurate

Before opening in select theaters Christmas Day, Selma is already predicted to be a major contender in the upcoming awards season. However now that many have seen the historical drama based on the martch from Selma to Montgomery, critics are slamming it as historically inaccurate.

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A piece in the Washington Post written by Joseph A. Califano Jr. claims that the film distorts the true image of Lyndon B. Johnson, whom Califano worked closely with during his presidency. Among his claims, he says that the actual march was the idea of Johnson, and that the president considered Marin Luther King Jr. as a partner. He claims that the Ava DuVernay-directed picture gives MLK more credit than he is due.

“Did they feel no obligation to check the facts? Did they consider themselves free to fill the screen with falsehoods, immune from any responsibility to the dead, just because they thought it made for a better story?” He wrote in his lengthy piece.

Before he concluded his rant, Califano left readers with one final slander, “the movie should be ruled out this Christmas and during the ensuing awards season.” An ending statement that makes some believe this a mudslinging attempt to keep the film from receiving nominations during the awards season.

This mini controversy, didn’t take long before DuVernay spoke out. In a 140 or less response, she stands behind the films accuracy, “Bottom line is folks should interrogate history. Don’t take my word for it or LBJ rep’s word for it. Let it come alive for yourself. #Selma,” she tweets.


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