Dawn Richard Slams Social Media Critics Over Drastic Transformation


Dawn Richard Slams Social Media Critics

Former Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard slams social media critics, after she recently posted an image of what appear to be a new look via Instagram. The “Professional” singer looks drastically different from when she first auditioned in ’05 for the broken girl group on Making the Band 3.

To address social media trolls, in a follow-up post, Dawn posted a symbolic picture of a cyborg, a fictional being with both organic and man-made parts.

“Same people saying this ‘she was prettier before’ crap are the people that said I was a tranny in 2009. Make up your mind,” she posted. “Meanwhile I’m really a cyborg (I see this post went over damn near everyone’s head) lmao.”

Regardless of whether she did or didn’t change her look, Dawn is still the same woman on the inside.

See more pictures of Dawn’s new look after the break.