Mathew Knowles Is Serious About This Destiny’s Child Biopic


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If Lifetime’s rendition of Aaliyah ruined your chances of ever seeing another biopic, will a Destiny’s Child biopic change your mind? Mathew Knowles was just selling old memorabilia and now, he’s selling dreams.

In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, Papa Knowles talks the possibility of not only a Destiny’s Child biopic, but another album from DC3. In addition to wanting to be the head honcho alongside Sony, Knowles says he would want Bey, Kelly and Michelle a part of the production.

“I would also want the ladies of Destiny’s Child to be involved and engaged with it and get their support. That would be important as well. That story is very special to us and we want to make sure and ensure that we get the right screenwriter, that we build the right team around it and that we have the right network.”

Bey’s father also spills the beans to the split of the R&B group, saying it was strategic move on his part and there wasn’t ever an official separation.

“Most people don’t know that I still officially manage Destiny’s Child. Destiny’s Child…some people use the words ‘broke up.’ Destiny’s Child have never broken up officially. So don’t be surprised one day if there’s a new record or a tour because the group never officially broke up.”

We’re not sure how exactly he still manages a group that wants nothing to do with him, but if this Destiny’s Child biopic is Mathew’s destiny fulfilled, Beyonce is the queen of surprises and anything is truly possible. Check out Mad Mat’s interview here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images