This Video Proves Diddy Has Been Pissed Over ‘0 To 100’ For Months

Here is further proof that Diddy was pissed over that “0 to 100″ beat.

Now that the cat’s out the bag over what sparked the Drake and Diddy altercation, TMZ has unearthed footage of the rap mogul taking shots at the Toronto rapper this past June. During an appearance at Story Nightclub in Miami, Diddy was captured on stage referencing the Grammy-nominated track.

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“I’m gonna play this next beat, but I want somebody to get this shit on tape. I’ma play this next beat. I gave this shit to this nigga, this nigga stole this shit from me. But at the end of the day, this shit is still hard.”

As Drake’s “0 to 100” played, Diddy danced onstage, saying “this my beat.”

Meanwhile, Drake has resurfaced after the scuffle, appearing to have no worries. Watch Diddy air it out in the video above.