Atlanta DJ Arrested For Hiring His Friend To Kill His Wife

Andre Pugh, also known as Atlanta’s DJ Awesome, has been charged with conspiracy to murder his wife after she was killed in what was initially thought to be a botched robbery. Authorities now are attributing the incident to an orchestrated plan by Pugh and his childhood friend, Adrian Haley, according to CBS.

Police say Haley was hired by DJ Awesome – a popular DJ at Club Onyx – to kill his wife. She was shot to death last month (Nov. 23) with a young child “straddling” her chest, according to the incident report filed. According to authorities, Haley fired the shots that killed Pugh. Both men have additionally been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The Pughs reportedly had a troubled marriage, leading Tiffany to make plans on moving out. On the night of her death, DJ Awesome told police that he came home to a broken window and an open garage door, and called out to his wife to no answer. He was arrested two weeks later.

DJ Awesome’s court hearing was scheduled for yesterday (Dec. 9) but delayed, while Haley is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 22.