FDA Ease Restrictions, Select Gays Can Donate Blood

FDA Blood-Bag

Early in the AIDS epidemic in 1983, the F.D.A. enacted a lifetime prohibition on blood donation by gay and bisexual men has been eased by The Food and Drug Administration. Although, the FDA will ease restrictions, the agency will continue to ban men who have had sexual intercourse with a man in the last year, saying the barrier is necessary to keep the blood supply safe. This move frustrated gay advocate rights groups that were pushing for the ban to be removed entirely.

Some advocacy groups attacked the change as hopefully, but still too minimal. Leaving in place a 12-month ban essentially blocks any gay or bisexual man who is sexually active from donating, erasing about half the population of potential donors and perpetuating what rights groups say is tougher treatment for gay and bisexual men.

Photo Credit: Green Limbs

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