Here’s Why Drake Seems Like The Stereotypical Emotional Scorpio

If you aren’t aware of it by now, Drake is one of several rappers who helped make showing emotions in hip hop cool again.

Drizzy’s racked up millions not only by playing Degrassi’s tender wheelchair-bound Jimmy Brooks, but by tapping into his feelings and letting them all out on wax. Records sales for his emo trilogy—Thank Me Later, Take Care and Nothing Was The Same all went platinum—proved that his family, love and heartbreak stories struck a nerve with his fans and peers.

While Drake’s never been afraid to let the song cry, he now struggles with the widespread assumption that thug tears fall from his eyes IRL all the time. He even told us in his VIBE cover story last year that people harp on the emotional part of his persona too specifically.

Yesterday (Dec. 25), Drake’s mom, Sandi, offered up an explanation as to why her son comes across as the sappy, crying type. “It’s not that you cry at all,” she said in Drake’s Instagram clip. “They would imagine that you would be a person that may cry because you are a sensitive soul.”

Right, right. Whether you agree with her words or not, watch the full theory unfold over at VIBE.


Photo Credit: via VIBE



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